POP CULTURE LIVE  Official Rules

Pop Culture Live is a product of Treehouse Interactive, LLC (“Treehouse Interactive,” “we,” “us,” and/or “our”), with participation in each Pop Culture Live contest (the “Contest”) being subject to the following posted rules (the “Rules”) as well as the posted terms of service (the “Terms,” of which these Rules form a part).

1. The Big Picture


b.  Apple, Inc has no involvement whatsoever in the creation, operation, or administration of the Contest. 

c.  Participation in the Contest is void where prohibited or restricted by law. Any entries in the Contest from persons in places where the Contest is prohibited, or where such persons’ entry is restricted by law, are considered null and void.

d. Participation in the Contest is limited to persons at least seventeen (17) years of age, physically situated within the United States of America or Canada, inclusive of its various states, territories, and federal enclaves, but is expressly prohibited in such states, territories, federal enclaves and municipalities where governing law requires the posting of a bond to operate or conduct the Contest. Any entries in the Contest from persons in places where governing law requires the posting of a bond to operate or conduct the Contest are null and void.

e. The Contest will be conducted over the Pop Culture Live app (the “App”), available in the Apple app store. No other means of participation are permitted.

2. Let’s Keep Things Honest

a. The Contest is not open to employees of Treehouse Interactive, immediate family members (children, parents, spouses, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and first cousins) of employees of Treehouse Interactive, equity members of Treehouse Interactive, immediate family members of equity members of Treehouse Interactive, directors or officers of Treehouse Interactive, or immediate family members of directors or officers of Treehouse Interactive (collectively, “Prohibited Participants”). Prohibited Participants may enter the Contest solely for purposes of monitoring its operation and assessing quality, but any such entry or entries will be expressly prohibited from winning. Should a Prohibited Participant win the Contest, such entry will be considered null and void, and one or more Contest winners will be identified – and rewarded – in such a manner as though the Prohibited Participant(s) never entered the Contest.

b. We abide by all the rigors of 47 U.S.C. § 509 even though our lawyer insists those rules do not otherwise apply since we are not broadcasting via AM or FM radio.

c. The Contest questions will be written by our employees. They will only share those questions with other employees and agents of Treehouse Interactive on a “need to know” basis as we produce the Contest. Everyone who is made aware of the questions prior to the Contest is prohibited from sharing them with anyone who is not legally bound to keep them confidential, prior to their revelation during the Contest, and all such persons with knowledge of the questions are prohibited from winning the Contest (even if they somehow do not otherwise qualify as a Prohibited Participant).

d. We have established various security measures to protect the integrity of the Contest questions. Not only is trying to circumvent these measures prohibited but it is also very likely a crime. If we discover one or more unauthorized persons have attempted to circumvent our security measures, or taken any steps to learn the Contest questions in advance of the Contest, not only will their Contest entry(ies) be declared null and void, but they will be forever banned from participating in the Contest, we will pursue civil recourse against them to the fullest extent permitted by controlling law, and we will share all material information with applicable law enforcement authorities and ask that such person(s) be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

3. How it Actually Works

a. From time to time, a Contest will be held on the App. We will try to announce the time(s) in advance, and adhere to a schedule, but we reserve the right to start a Contest at any time, to cancel a Contest at any time, and to even cancel a Contest after it has already started. 

b. When you log into the App for the first time, you will be asked to give us certain personal information so we know who you are. With this, you will create an account with us, and once that account is created, you’ll be able to participate in any Contest, provided you not otherwise be disallowed by operation of these Rules or in accord with the Terms. 

c. Each Contest will consist of a host (or multiple hosts) presenting a series of multiple choice questions. While we generally will start with easier ones and build up to harder ones, level of difficulty is inherently subjective, and our thoughts on difficult may not always mirror yours. 

d. The earlier questions in a given Contest will have only two answers from which to choose. As the Contest progresses, the number of multiple choice options will increase to three and, ultimately, to four options for the final question(s). 

e. If you answer a given question correctly, you will continue in the Contest to the next question, and so on and so forth until the final question has been answered. 

f. If you answer all the questions in a given Contest correctly, you will be awarded a pro rata portion of the cash prize designated for that Contest. We are going to change the size of cash prizes from time to time, and there is no guarantee of what they will be. If you are the only winner, the whole cash prize is yours. If multiple people win, they will split the prize evenly between and amongst themselves. Since not all numbers are perfectly divisible, it is possible some winners will receive One Cent ($0.01) more or less than other winners; we reserve the right to decide who gets the extra penny, and who does not, in our sole and absolute discretion. Similarly, should there come a time when there are more winners than there are cents in the cash prize, we will arbitrarily decide who receives One Cent ($0.01) and who does not receive any portion of the subject prize.

g. Once you answer a question incorrectly, you are eliminated from contention for the cash prize, but you can keep playing for a chance to win gems. Gems have no cash value, do not entitle you to participate in the cash prize, do not equate to any actual physical gems or the right of ownership or possession of any actual physical gems, and serve no purpose outside the App. But we may allow people to use gems they have accumulated to gain certain advantages in subsequent Contests, by allowing them to continue pursuing a cash prize after answering a single question errantly (provided it not be the final question), by limiting the number of answers from which they have to choose, or otherwise. There is no guarantee we will offer these specific options, how many gems will be required to utilize one or more options, or that we will even ultimately provide means for utilizing gems, but we anticipate trying to utilize them in one manner or another inasmuch as we want everyone to have an incentive to remain in the Contest even after they are eliminated from contention for the cash prize.

4. Some More Nitty Gritty

a. We reserve the right to prohibit anyone from participating in the Contest at any time for any reason or no reason at all.  

b. The Contest requires you to be online. As set forth in the Terms, by playing you are assuming the risk of technological errors or issues – on your end or ours.

c. We run advertisements, which help pay for this operation. If you click on one of them while participating in the Contest, it may take you away from the Contest and cause you to forfeit that given Contest. 

d. We will determine the proper answer to each question in our sole and absolute discretion. While we are not intentionally trying to create a situation where multiple answers may be technically correct, we also recognize that due to fluid lingual conventions, emerging dialects and slang, and the general subjectivity surrounding myriad factual conventions, it is possible multiple answers will be technically correct. In such situations, only the answer we have previously designated as being the correct answer will count as the correct answer. 

e. For the avoidance of doubt, we will resolve all disputes concerning operation of the game in our sole and absolute discretion.

f. If you win a cash prize in one or more of our Contests, you will be able to cash out through a third party payment processor. We reserve the right to impose a minimal cash out threshold, or to pass on to you any fees charged to us by the third party payment processor. We also reserve the right to not allow you to cash out until you have furnished us with sufficient documents to allow us to comply with various obligations imposed on us in accord with myriad tax laws. Depending on the amount of money you win or try to cash out, this may well include us requiring you to first fill out one or more forms to be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service.    

g. Prizes not claimed within one hundred eighty (180) days shall be forfeited. All prizes will be paid within five (5) business days of successfully completing all cash out requirements.

h. These Rules were last updated on May 25, 2018 and this is version 1.0 of the Rules. If you wish to view any previous version(s) of the Rules, you may request them via electronic mail from mac@mbvesq.com. The Rules in effect at the time of each Contest shall govern that specific Contest.