What time does Pop Culture Live start?

Generally the game starts every weekday afternoon at 8:00pm EDT. Don’t forget to check the start time in your timezone. The game will send a push notification to you 10 minutes before the game starts. Just enough time to gather your friends, make some popcorn (standard popping time is 2-4 minutes. Don’t burn it.) 

When you start the app you’ll see a countdown clock indicating when the next game will start.

Is Pop Culture Live available on Android?

Currently Pop Culture Live is only available on iOS, but an Android version is in the works.


Talk to me about gems...

Why do I want gems? (Who doesn't like gems?)

You can use gems to trade for special features like power-ups (hearts, take aways etc.)

Can I BUY gems?

At this time we do not offer purchasing gems. Watch some ads, play the game, and gems shall rain down on you like manna from heaven.

There are two ways to EARN gems:

  1. Watch short advertisements in the app to earn 5 gems per ad.
  2.  Play Pop Culture Live and you will earn gems for each correct answer! Pretty sweet, right!?

Incase you're a heartless meanie, OR to give you an extra life incase you get an answer wrong.

What are the hearts for?

A 'Take-Away' removes one incorrect answer from the available options, making it easier for you to find the correct answer. 

Seriously, we're so nice.

How does a Take-Away work?

How many winners can there be?

The winner(s) are any and all person(s) remaining at the end of each match. When multiple players are remaining after the final question, those players will split the prize evenly.

All payouts will sent via PayPal within 10 business days, but only after filling out the required W9 which is required by law and for tax purposes.

How will I get paid when I win?

Still have questions or an issue? 

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